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My Albums
Images taken September 2013
Images from Whitby Goth Weekends
These images are from sunset to sunrise
Images that that been Played with may be with 2 or more of my images to make 1 image or just something I tried to do as a Sci-fi image.
May be just a bit of Art that catches my eye.
From birds inflight to a bird on a stick.
Flowers I have taken
Work being done to improve the look of the car
Just images of old and new cars
Pleasing landscapes from around the world
Imges taken of the sealife underwater or on the top but they must have a connection with the sea.
People playing or in or around a sporting event
From Models to Friends
All the types of events that Jaguar cars do or people who like the Jaguar cars.
People who jump for Troop Aid on 2 July 2014 with the Red Devils Para Shoot Team
Images taken from a street road or by a street or Road.
A way to get from A to be with out walking or running
4 legs animals that live in the UK
Images from NEC on Sat 21 March 2015
Leamington Comic con 2015
NEC Birmingham November 2015
Any thing which has space as in going to space
People dressed up from Si Fi shows
Images taken on my Borneo trip in July 2015
Some places in the UK do scarecrow to bring in people in to villages.They are done by the home owners for charity
All Photos to do with Bedworth RFU.
Objects that have Rust on them
PICO PHOTOFEST 2016, August 14th Thorpe Hall Longthorpe Peterborough PE3 6LWinfo
From 21st September to 30th September 2016
Racing in karts
The use of reflected material in an photo of a subject
Images from Rhodes Island in Greece
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Bristol Salon 2017

Bristol Salon 2017
After a long delay info is now coming out about Bristol Salon 2017. I have Light Seed excepted in to Open I have 2 acceptances in Nature first is In the Dust Cloud the second is Drinking Elephants

Khayyam 2016 International Exhibition of Photograp

Hollis, David blown away England Accepted/ Rounds 1 & 2 Hollis, David train driving doctor England Accepted/ Rounds 1 & 2 Hollis, David light speed England Accepted/ Rounds 1 & 2 Hollis, David whitby abbey in flood lights England Accepte

New Zealand Internatal Salon

New Zealand Internatal Salon
I have had a mono excepted in to New Zealand Salon. The image is Team Talk.

Bristol Salon 2017 Report Card

Bristol Salon 2017 Report Card
OPEN (PSA PID) "Light Speed" got ACCEPTED NATURE (PSA ND) "Drinking Elephants" and "In the Dust Cloud" got ACCEPTED A very nice start to 2017

Welsh International Salon

Welsh International Salon
Open Monochrome (PSA PID Mono) (acceptance mark 12) "Train Driving Doctor" scored 12 and was accepted Nature (acceptance mark 12) "Fish Eagle and Giant Heron" scored 12 and was accepted This was the first time I have done the Welsh International S

The South Devon salon

The South Devon salon
News just in 2 acceptances first is in Section Name: OPEN MONO the image "TRAIN DRIVING DOCTOR" Second is in Section Name: NATURE "CROSSING THE DRYED RIVERBED"

67th Midland Salon of International Photography

67th Midland Salon of International Photography
"Sausage Tree with Leopard'' Has just been excepted in to Midlands Salon. This is a very hard salon to break into.

Sydney Harbour 2016 International salon

Sydney Harbour 2016 International salon
I think this is one of my best results to date. In Monochrome (OPEN) I have been accepted with these images (1) Wind Blown (2) Train Driving Doctor (3) Tuning The next set is in Creative (4) Cat in the Hat The Last set is in PDA Nature W

4th Cheltenham International Salon 2016

4th Cheltenham International Salon 2016
I had good news today. My Scottish Wildcat got accepted in to Salon. :) :) :) :) I now have to work hard to go to the next level and understand what make a good image better.

Train Driving Doctor

Train Driving Doctor
Https:// This is the link to Ephotozine page where my mono image is of my Train Driving Doctor

More photographic Exhibition